Friday, December 30, 2005

I have been called to be the new Young Men's President in our Ward. This means that I will be working with the Venturing Crew. I was the Assistant Scout Master before so I know how the Scouting program should be run but I need to learn what the Venturing program is all about.

In our first meeting I had the boys vote on a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. We also setup some activities for the year. I assigned two boys to come up with a logo for a Crew so we could start work on a uniform. We also need to decide what the focus of our Crew will be. The only thing that they all have in common is our religious beliefs. So, maybe we will have to go with that as our focus.

One other issue is that only one of our Crew has his Eagle Scout. So, we will really need to focus on finishing their Eagle stuff as well as trying to get them through the Venturing Program. I'll let you know how we progress from here.

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