Sunday, April 30, 2006

More Training

Last Saturday I went to the "Leader Specific Training" for Venture Crew Advisors. I had a lot of questions about how to turn the program over to the boys. I received great information on how to do this.

I was told that being a "shadow" leader is much harder than being the leader. I was told that to turn the program over to the boys you need to guide and instruct and lead from behind the scenes. One suggestion was to make a list of items that the Young Men will need to do to pull off their assigned duties. You need to plan everything but give the Young Men the reigns to complete them. For example, on Wednesdays, I should not just turn the time over to the young men and have them plan everything. I should have some ideas on what they could do, write down some key points and key things that have to happen. That way, when the "president" of the venture crew stands up, he has a list of items to review. As for the other Ventures, they just see the President as taking charge and implementing an event. They don't see the hard work behind the scenes that happened to get them to that point. Then, as the Crew matures, each of the members starts to see the responsibilities of the Venture President. So, when they become the president, they will take on the responsibilities that they saw the previous president do. That is how the tradition begins.

Great advise. I'll use this in our next meeting.

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