Thursday, March 27, 2008

130 in 1 hour

Last night Coby executed the BURN activity of his Eagle Project. He arranged to have 3 people bring their laptops or PC's. I brought my PC with 3 external burners. We were able to burn 130 CD's in one hour. Coby had all of the scouts there making labels, putting CD's into Jewel cases and marking on the CD's "K-9 Web Filter". Coby did great at organizing and executing this task.

He has talked with the Bishops in our Stake and they will contact Coby on how many CD's they will want for their wards. When I talked to our Bishop to see what he would want, he said he would like all 130 CD's but he felt that was a little too much to take them all so he would settle for 70. So, all Coby needs to do now is deliver the CD's and he will be ready to have his Eagle Project signed off.

After the Eagle Project is completed, he only has his Camping Merit Badge and his Citizenship in the Community and he will be ready for an Eagle Board of Review.

Congratz Coby!

Now, we just need to keep this momentum up for our 11 year old scout.


Susan said...

YIPPEE, Yeah, Way to go Coby!!!What a great idea and what a good service that will be. Are you saving Grandpa and I one of those??? I hope you took great pictures of the crew at work. Come on Andy, we're cheering for you also. Love you MOM

Melinda said...

I bet you all are glad that whole thing is over. That was a very unique idea. Congrats Coby!

Tiffany said...

Wowee! I can't believe he is done with his Eagle already. That is insane. Congrats Coby!

Rachael said...

YEAH for Coby!!!!!
Can I sign up for one? What a great job Coby!