Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day

Just before Fathers day I had a catastrophic event happen to me. My watch band decided to crack and start to separate. I was devastated. You could hear my disappointment all over the house when I bellowed, "Oh No!". Deanna immediately asked me what had happened, thinking that I had either sliced through my finger or fractured my ankle. I replied to her query that my watch band had a tear and was on the verge for breaking apart. I quickly ran downstairs with my watch band teetering on disaster and used my "tech" brain cells to come up with a viable solution. This technique has been used for years by geeks around the world to save similar problems with their favorite coke bottle glasses. I grabbed the black electrical tape and began tightly winding its sticky elastic like tape around my watch band. After being satisfied with my engineering genius, I noticed that the black tape blended nicely with my black watch band to be almost completely camouflaged from the normal persons view.

A few days later I noticed that my timepiece was not held to my wrist like it used to be. In further examination I noticed that the electrical tape had given way to the pressures of holding the two sides of my now completely severed watchband. I then new that either I needed to purchase a new watch, or somehow find a replacement watchband for my Timex Ironman Data Link Watch.
Now, I must inform my readership that this is no ordinary Timex Watch. This deluxe model Ironman watch has many features not offered on any other watch that I have found. It has a chronograph, which isn't much of a new feature since all it does it count time as time passes. It has a count down timer which is awesome for keeping track of how long the hamburgers have been on the grill or how much longer you have to watch "Deadliest Catch" on your lunch hour. It has 10 alarms for waking you up in the morning while out of town. It has schedules, Appointments. It also has contacts that you can upload to it so that if you are out of town, you can still find the phone number to the Park City Condo. As you can tell, I really use my watch and all of it's features. The down side to purchasing this watch is that it comes with a price tag of $90.00 and I am not one to spend that kind of money on a watch so it really made me sick to think it was time to buy another watch.

So, this Fathers Day I ripped open one of my gifts to find a nice new watchband for my favorite watch in the world. I quickly figured out how to snap out the old band and install the new components. My wrist feels normal again and I don't have to struggle to yank out my phone every time I need to know the date and time. AND, I no longer spend too much time at lunch watching the latest episodes of "So you think you can dance".


Melinda said...

Way to go DEANNA!!! Love it when you can keep the beloved item just a few more minutes or months or hopefully years!

Susan said...

What a save Deanna!! Yes, there are some things that to the normal person's naked eye, looks like an ordinary piece of junk, but to the Lover of that piece of junk...it is Wonderful. So glad you have your beloved watch. Loved the blog!! MOM

Rachael said...

I remember you lamenting over this. I'm so glad you found a solution. I still have to find another watch. I do love this one and wear it even though the face plate has come off and you have to hook it to the computer to change the date. I don't use the other features as much anymore. (no more catching the kindergarten bus).