Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last Will and Testament

Finally, Deanna and I have completed our Last Will and Testament. Ok, not just that, we finished our living Will, our Power of Attorney and all of the rest of it. If we die tomorrow, we should be good to go (no pun intended).

We have been trying to put this together for years and finally, our ward put together an evening and had one of the lawyers from our stake come over and talked to us about Will's and Trusts. We talked with the lawyer that night and worked through some of the details. Today, we finally went over, finalized our paperwork and signed on the dotted line.

I'm glad to finally have that little issue taken care of in our lives.

BTW, I am leaving all of my debt to my kids. :-)

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Melinda said...

For some reason I've just never made the time to take care of this. I need to copy you and GET IT DONE.