Sunday, September 21, 2008


My sister called the other day and wanted some help with her computer. Unfortunately her computer had crashed and wanted to know how to proceed. I told her that if the Hard Drive was ok, then she could get back her her files but that probably meant her motherboard was bad and she would have to buy a new computer. If her hard drive was bad, that means she couldn't get her data but she could probably replace the drive in her computer inexpensively.

Well, we found out, that her hard drive was toast so she now was trying to get some of her important information off of the drive which may or may not be possible. RATS. One of the most important of all of the data on a computer these days is your photographs. So, I want to give all of you "Little Enoch Readers" a couple of tips.

Tip #1: A file is not REALLY saved unless it is in 2 places.

This means that it can be on 2 computers, or a computer and a backup drive or a computer and on the internet. If your pictures are only in 1 place, they are not truly safe.

Tip #2: I found this little video about saving your pictures on the internet so my second tip is to follow this guys advise and safe your pictures to a website. Here is the vid.

Personally, I purchased a 350 gig external hard drive that I backup to every once in a while. If one of my computers crashes, I can get it off of this other drive. After watching the video, I am now also keeping some photos on the web. Great Stuff!


Melinda said...

So sorry to Tiffany We've had some computer disasters lately, but none have lost our files, just programs.

I read in our digital scrapbook magazine that putting your pics online is an awesome way to have a "second" place. I know shutterfly is free and also has a CD burning service if you need it. ($30 for 300 pics) I know Rachael puts her pics on Costco and when her computer crashed those at Costco were the only ones she could retrieve. I just don't know if they have a "limit' as to how much you can upload to their site.
I personally have my pics on the computer and get them on a disc from Walmart as soon as I can.
Thanks Clint for reminding us to be smart.

Jeff said...

I've heard people talk about successfully retrieving data from a borked hard drive by putting it in the freezer. Freeze it for awhile, then plug it in and see if it works long enough to retrieve your files from it. I was also burned by not having files backed up when I dropped my network drive.