Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In these uncertain times, we (a couple of guys that really like funny jokes) have discovered that we haven't been receiving as many humorous anecdotes, stories and one-liners in our email inbox's. We have studied and researched with almost unanimous scientific consensus, that the economy is causing this huge dip in the amount of jokes being forwarded around the internet. Therefore, in an effort to increase mirth and joviality, we are applying for a 5 million dollar grant to be added to the stimulus package to get the jokes flowing again in cyberspace.

In an attempt to get our humor and economy stimulated, we have decided to form an agency that will have a dual purpose. Purpose #1 will be to create new jobs by employing people to forward funny emails and stimulate a very depressed economy. This will generate a net, 2 new jobs. Purpose #2 will be to forward and create as many funny emails as possible to simulate a very depressed national funny bone. I think we can all agree that the country is not just in a humor recession, but a full fledged hilarious DEPRESSION. To get us out of this depression, we are requesting that our agency be added to the stimulus package that President Obama has been encouraging lawmakers to pass.

This new department will officially be called, “The Department of Mirth and Joviality” (DMJ for short). Our motto will be: "If it isn't funny, you're not allowed to do it!"

Please urge your Senators and Congressman to support this addition to the stimulate package. We will all be much happier and jovial when the package is approved. We promise that you will immediately see more funny jokes flowing into your email boxes which will raise the level of humor in our nation.


Melinda said...

That's a great idea. Will you hire William?

Andy said...

okay, the best thing is that this made me laugh! My own funny bone recession was suddenly a little less serious. In fact, I'm using this motto all day today at work... I made need that other job at DMJ, however.

Marni said...

$2.5 mil each? Sweet job.

I think it's far more beneficial than any other plans I've heard. I think it would WORK!

Susan said...

I definitely think that I will contact my congressmen and express my support on this issue. I did receive 2 funny emails this week so I guess your Department is doing its job. What was about people driving and the other was an old lady doing an incredible salsa dance. My chuckle meter is up.

tina withers said...

I nominate myself for one of the two (2.5 million dollar) positions, should your proposal be approved.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone.