Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anniversary of Engagement

Many of you may not celebrate it or even remember it but for some reason it sticks in my mind as a day to remember.  This was the day that I "plucked up enough courage" to ask Deanna to marry me. This day had to be well planned, ring purchased, events organized and flawlessly executed.  The day was March 3, 1993.  It will go down in history as a wonderfully happy day, when Deanna said Yes.

Happy Engagement Anniversary Deanna.
I Love You.


Melinda said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!! ARen't you just the sweetest guy!!! Who taught you to be so sweet? Oh, me? Nah, it couldn't be me?

That was just a great sweet post. Now you've got me thinking what day I got engaged? hmmmmmm.

Susan said...

Happy Engagement Day!!! We are ALL glad that you had enough courage and sense to not only choose WELL but execute flawlessly.