Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas List

I know that I probably shouldn't bring up the "C" word this early in the year but I'm going to do it anyway. Every year it is a struggle to find great Christmas (that's the C word) presents for my wife and for our kids. Deanna does an awesome job of finding great gifts but it is much harder for me. So, to help myself along, I keep a list of ideas in my phone. If I see something on TV, or while I'm walking through a store, I quickly just type it into my phone for safe keeping. Now that it is October, it is time to pull out the list and start finding great prices on the ideas I have come up with. Unfortunately there are some items on the list that never seem to make it underneath the Christmas tree. For example, I have had "stilts" on Coby's list for several years. For some reason, the stores are not filled with stilts as gift items. I think it would be a great "teen" gift. Plastic stilts, FUN!

Not only do I jot down gift ideas for my wife and kids, I have also kept a list for myself. It is inevitable that a few weeks before Christmas, I receive requests from various sources for what I want. I used to just ho hum around and try to think of something brilliant at the last minute which means I would usually say, "a new tie" or "new socks". It makes for a very boring Christmas Morning.

This year I'm asking for something a little unusual (and admittedly a little boring). In our garage, we have been trying to keep a good storage of water. We have filled up milk cartons, 2 liter bottles and apple juice bottles with water. We have around 30 of these mix matched containers sitting on the shelf. Every winter, these containers freeze and expand which means they break. So, as the weather starts to warm, we get a really nice natural spring water fall flowing off of our counters in the garage. Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of a waterfall, but this type of tippity tap sends chills up my spine like nails on a chalk board. I tell you all of this so that I can get to the final punch line of my story.

Here it is, "for Christmas, I'm asking for a 50 gallon drum to store our water.


analee hirschi said...

I love your list idea, and although telling people what you really want, might make for a boring Christmas, it does make for a christmas full of things you really wanted and needed, and full of at ease gift givers... great idea....

Melinda said...

SOoooooo.....have you done research on where to get these big drums? We have bought some used ones and I'll tell you what!!!...they are the biggest pain to clean. So I too, would like brand new, clean and shiny water drums for a good price. LEt me know if you find out anything.

Susan said...

Since I am in the "Storage Capital of the World" I will check out the said gift...maybe 2...that might fulfill your Christmas wish. I have loved your idea list and had started one in my address book. But alas, it is 2 years old now and most everyone has grown out of the list idea. But I will still look for some stilts...maybe even a unicycle which would be fun. I count on YOUR list when I start shopping so please forward.

ammon said...

Yeah, it would be fun for the kids.
Pushing themselves in it.