Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Sales

I don't think many people know that I have a web store. My store is I sell Metal Figurines that are hand made by a small company in Hansen Idaho. This is an example of one of the figurines.

When I get an order, I just call them on the phone, place the order, and when they have a friend or family member coming into town, they drop it off at my door step. I don't make much money off this website, in fact most of the months the web store either loses money or just breaks even. However, during the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas, this is what it looks like in my house.

Even though most of the year is a bust, this little web store actually provides some needed extra dough for Christmas.


Susan said...

I still love that you do that. Extra cash is extra cash. You do look a lot like Federal Express. What was the big seller this year???

Melinda said...

good for you. I wondered if you were still doing that.

analee hirschi said...

I remember all the creative figurines that you have. I am still waiting to see if they can figure out how to suspend a high jumper with nuts and bolts... that would be a challenge