Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter for the Carter Family starts with a rude awakening that the easter egg hunt down at the city park is only minutes away. A frantic rush begins as we try to find easter baskets that have been stored for the winter and a dash around the house to find warm enough clothes for the outside elements. We jam ourselves in the car and curse every red light we hit on the way to the park. As we arrive, we notice that all of the other families are doing the same thing, so the park appears to be fairly empty. Eggs are strewn about the greening grass and hand made posters are placed on trees announcing the age groups that can participate in each section of the park. Caution tape is wrapped around trees to cordon off each area. The suspense builds as the seconds tick away before the start of the hunt. The city posts a single police car at the center of the park and the event begins when his siren pierces the ears of the excited youngsters. If the little children are too close to the cruiser, the blast of the siren freaks them out and the hunt is over before it began.

Now that I have set the stage, my little home made video will show the rest.


Melinda said...

So cute. You should invite us to have Easter with you next year so we can participate. I don't think my younger kids have done a big egg hunt ever.

analee hirschi said...

so many memories. I always thought there were way more people than that when I was there. Thanks for sharing those memories