Friday, October 29, 2010

Panda Bear Pumpkin

In an attempt to live up to my reputation of being a "grand champion" pumpkin decorator, I asked my daughter for an idea for a pumpkin this year. All Katie could come up with was a Panda Bear. So, I wandered around the internet looking for some creative examples of panda bear pumpkins. To my dismay, there was only one example of a bear that I liked, so, I went the store to buy a series of pumpkins. Big, medium and small pumpkins were on the menu and I had to find just the right sizes to make it look presentable. (you know my standards are high) After eye-balling the layout of the pumpkins in the store and having several people look at me like I was a little weird, we bought the needed items and headed home to put them contraption together.

We glued, stabbed and fastened all of the pieces together and then pulled out the brushes to get it painted. This is where we ended after our first painting and assembly stage.

Below is our finished product that is on display at the school. Let's just hope we did well enough to win some kind of ribbon so that my pumpkin decorating mystique is not lost.

Happy Halloween to all!


Melinda said...

that is cute. Did you use a hammer and nails, or duct tape, or hot glue gun?
We haven't even done pumpkins yet.

Susan said...

You've done it again!!! I can't believe that you come up with such GREAT ideas!!! I think that you have missed your profession. Exactly why didn't you go into art??? Great job guys. Hope its a WINNER, WINNER!!!