Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Life

I don't know how they are doing it.  They must have some hidden camera's in our house, in our cars and everywhere we go.  Somehow ABC Television has filmed our life and then made a sit-com out of it.  I swear it is true.

Example number one comes directly from this weeks episode of "The Middle".  This episode is called "The Paper Route".  I know it sounds funny but some of the conversations they have in this TV show match up almost exactly with conversations we have had in our house.  I think they filmed our situation, then got some writers together, and created this episode.

Example number two comes from an episode of "Last Man Standing".  The episode is called "Take your Daughter to Work".  Although the name doesn't really tell you about how it relates to our life, it is unbelievable how much like our life this episode depicts.  This is almost exactly what happened to our family when I almost hit a dog early in the morning while doing the paper route.  If you don't know about this "dog" incident, then you need to read my earlier blog post.

The third example is from another on of the episodes of "The Middle".  This one comes straight out of our life.  The episode is called "The Sit Down".  When I watch this one, it is almost too hard to watch because it happens in our life all of the time.  I don't want to watch my life again.  But, somehow, it is entertaining enough for me to stay hooked on this show.

So, if you want some samples from the Carter Family Life, just watch these three episodes and you will have a pretty good idea what is going on in our home.



Melinda said...

I haven't watch your episodes yet, but I have seen a few of "The Middle". It is a pretty funny show.

Melinda said...

OK. So yesterday we watched 4 episodes. so very funny. I made the mistake of having all of us watch an episode where the girl gets frenched kissed and she is freaking out to her mom that he put his tongue in her mouth!!! Not so great for meg and luke to be hearing. The rest of us laughed our heads off.