Sunday, April 08, 2012


It was a difficult week for the Carter and Blake Families because we lost our dear family member Van Holt Blake.  Last summer our family visited him and his wife at their house in Orange County.  He was gracious enough to take us down to the pier where we were able to go on a cruise.  When we returned, Van and Shanna also picked us up and took us back to their house and fed us some lunch before we headed back to Idaho.

Three short weeks ago Van started to have trouble breathing and was feeling ill.  He finally decided to go to the doctor to see what was going on.  After extensive testing they found out that he had cancer and just a few weeks later the illness took his life.

This last weekend, I and other members of our family, traveled down to Orange County California to support Van's family during this difficult time.  Several other cousins, Aunts and Uncles were there as well.

The funeral was really well put together and all of the speakers spoke with love and affection for Van Blake.  Each of the children spoke or prayed and expressed their love for their Dad. It was very touching.  Each funeral I go to, I go away with a firmer determination to be a better husband and father.  I have awesome examples in my family of how to be a great husband and father.

Below is Uncle Van's funeral program for those that could not attend.

We love you Van and we will miss you.  We hope to see you again when it is our turn to pass through this life and into the spirit world awaiting the resurrection.

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Melinda said...

Glad you got to go. I saw some pictures on Cassia's FB. What a good looking group of Blakes!!!