Sunday, July 01, 2012

Utah State

It is official!  Coby is now registered and ready to go to Utah State University in the fall.  BYU has always been at the top of Coby's list for college but with the full ride scholarship and an excellent job offer Coby received from a business owner in Logan, Utah State has become the more viable option.  It has taken some time to make a decision on what he wanted to do but through prayer and pondering, Coby really feels excited about his new adventure at Utah State.  Deanna and Coby traveled up to Logan to check out the campus, check out the computer science and computer engineering programs and to look at the possibility of getting on-campus housing.  Just this weekend he sent off his down payment for housing just off campus in Logan.    

Today, he confirmed that he would have a nice paying job with a tractor and implement company in Logan that will work with his school schedule and give him the money he needs to pay the bills.

Everything has just come together perfectly for Coby and we feel he will have a great experience at Utah State.  In fact, one of the councilors that he met with last week had the curiosity to ask Coby if he happened to know another Carter named Gordon Carter.  Coby grinned sheepishly and said, "yes, he is my grandpa".  It turned out that this councilor had been on several Charity Anywhere Foundation service projects to Tijuana Mexico.  Coby felt accepted right off the bat and already had at least one new friend.

Now, lets just hope that he gets some really good roommates!


Melinda said...

So nice when everything falls into place.

Susan said...

I am so excited for Coby! We may be a little disappointed that he won't be a cougar, but look at what great people attended USU. Dad likes to think that the Aggies are the best service oriented university. We know some great kids there.