Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Olympic Medals

The Olympics are in full swing this week so I guess I had better post some interesting new thing about it. This time, I'm posting about something that I am finally fed up with. Ok, fed up is a little strong. Maybe I'm more annoyed than fed-up. Ok, no, fed up works fine. Michael Phelps, that is my irritant. Michael Phelps Greatest Olympian, Michael Phelps most decorated olympian, Michael Phelps most metals of all time, Michael Phelps wins another gold medal. AARRRGGGHHHH Stop with the Michael Phelps stuff and stop giving him medals. Why does he have so many medals? Well, it is because there are so many swimming events. If there were 300 fencing events, maybe one of the fencing olympians would have a bunch of gold medals. Here is a good example. Lets say there is a really good runner. Lets say he can run the 100 yard dash really well and can beat everyone in his field. So, lets compare that with the swimming. Swimming has 100m free style, 100m back stroke, 100m butterfly, 100m breast stroke. There are four events right there. So, we should have 4 events in the 100 yard dash! 100 yard dash, 100 yard backwards, 100 yard skipping, and 100 yard sideways run. Plus, in the swimming they have the relays. Backstroke relay, freestyle relay, butterfly relay, breast stroke relay. We should add all of these relays to running as well. You get the picture. So, I think the swimming people have way too many events in their category where they can win medals. Poor "shot put" people only get one chance. What if they had the shot put throw, shot put roll, shot put shuffle, shot put flip, shot put relay? Many more shot putters would be getting medals and would then be able to compete with Michael Phelps' record of the most Olympic medals. Maybe it is just that I don't like swimming. For me, it isn't fun to swim. For me, you are just a few kicks and arm digs away from drowning. That's no way to have fun with the fear of drowning on your mind all of the time. Wow, I went way off the deep end on that one. No pun intended. Ok, maybe a little pun intended.


analee hirschi said...

ok, that is so funny because I was just saying that exact same thing to David 2 days ago. Yes he is a fast swimmer but he can compete in 8 events, yes a fast swimmer is going to be fast in all of them. In track you are only allowed to be in 4 events. If there was a great athlete he could win in all of the events, but track prohibits that. I am right there with you on your soap box.

analee hirschi said...

ps, I think that the title "the greatest olympian" should be given to the athlete that one olympics wins 4 golds in swimming, then the next olympics wins 2 golds in gymnastics, the next olympics a gold in fencing and tabletennis... ect. that would show that they can difersify and still be super successful at all of them. That would be "the greatest olympian"

Melinda said...

I totally get it too.

I love that you are honest about your not love for swimming personally. It makes it even more funny.

I like your shot put ideas.

Susan said...

I totally agree! Where are the Volleyball events, the basketball events, the wrestling events. There could be wrestling in mud, wrestling in jello, wrestling blindfolded. I think you should definitely contact the Olympic Committee immediately.