Friday, February 15, 2008

$500 or 5 years in prison

So, I talk to my lawyer about this Misdemeanor Citation and he tells me that this charge has maximum penalties of $500 or 5 years in prison. YIKES!

I talked to a lawyer friend of mine and had him look at the citation I received to get his advise. He told me that I could plead guilty and pay the fine and have a misdemeanor on my record, or I could go and plead not guilty and explain my situation to the judge and hope of a lessor charge. He also said that he could represent me at the court and take care of it for me but he would charge $170 per hour for his time. Burley is 1 hour away, so it would be at the very least 2 hours in travel and then his time at the court. Holy Cow, That is over $500 right there!!! I don't see how people can afford to use a lawyer.

Anyway, I am having the lawyer call the Prosecuting Attorney and see if I can get a lessor citation of an infraction. If that works, I'll no longer be a hardened criminal on the lam. I'll be an infractor. (if that is a word)


Melinda said...

YOu are so funny. An infractor? Im laughing out loud. I can't believe what a big deal they are making of turning around on the road. Amazing. I bet over 90% of the population had no idea they CANNOT EVER use that little emergency road.

analee hirschi said...

that is hilarious, if ever asked if you have a misdomeanor on an application you have mark yes, please explain.... I did a U-turn in a bad place. I really hope that the judge is generous to you. Let us know how it goes.

Rachael said...

I would seriously get a lawyer. Jeff knows of someone that didn't get a job because of a misdemeanor on their record. It seems ridiculous because our friend that was charged with man slaughter one, the sentence starts at 5 years. Seriously, who would do 5 years for using an emergency turn? Seems out of proportion to me. If you have AAA, see if they have a free lawyer for this. Good luck and keep us updated.