Monday, February 25, 2008

Plead Guilty

I plead guilty on Friday and I'm happy about it?

So, my lawyer called the prosecuting attorney to discuss a lessor sentence than a misdemeanor citation. The prosecuting attorney agreed to drop the charge of misdemeanor citation and lower the charge to a traffic violation. The traffic violation that I was charged with, and plead guilty to, was a speeding ticket. So, I went into the courthouse in Burley Idaho and paid the fine for my speeding ticket and somehow, I was happy to pay it.

The misdemeanor citation would have cost me $90.00 but having a misdemeanor citation on my record could have cost me a lot more.

Now, the final chapter in this story will be the cost of the attorney. I had my friend work on the deal and I am not sure yet how much he will charge me. It could be up to 3 hours worth of work and at $170 per hour, it could cost over $500 for the whole deal.

What a lesson to learn about using the Emergency Cross Over on a Freeway. Don't Do It! Not even in an emergency.


Melinda said...

So sorry about the mess. Who knew using that little road could be such a big deal.
I'm glad you got the misdemeanor taken care of tho.
Sorry about the bill.

Marni said...

Thanks for sharing your horrible story. This is definitely one of those cases of "learn from others' mistakes instead of making your own." I've looked longingly at that emergency lane before. Now I know.

Tiffany said...

Lesson learned! So glad you didn't get a misdemeanor and that you won't be my criminal brother. And how the heck did they come up with speeding. Do they just use that for everything?