Friday, May 02, 2008


Coby has been struggling to keep motivated about getting his Eagle Project complete and his Camping Merit Badge. He only needs a couple of things on each to finally put them to rest. Coby went to the Scout O Rama last weekend and learned about a game called Speed Stacking. He really wanted but buy a set of stacking cups so I told him that if he finished his Eagle Project paperwork, (which only needed one more signature) and he finished his Camping Merit Badge, (which only needed one requirement and a signature) we would let him buy a Speed Stacking Set.Well, yesterday Coby finished his Eagle Scout Project paperwork. He also finished his Camping Merit Badge. We were able to do both in one evening. So, after they were both signed, I took him straight over to Target and picked up the "Glow in the Dark" Speed Stacking set. He loved it and played with it until bed time. His best time was 20 seconds.

Coby has one more merit badge to complete. It is the Citizenship in the Community. He needs to volunteer for a Non-Profit organization for 8 hours. Once he completes this requirement he will be ready to submit his application to receive his Eagle Scout Award.

Go Coby!!


Tiffany said...

I would love to see a video of him doing that. It looks hard.

Melinda said...

I'm totally on board with giving rewards. They work soooooo much better than punishments.

Great job, Coby. STACK AWAY!!!!

Melinda said...

OH, and can you believe how expensive the stupid stacker kit is? Like $30 bucks. I don't get why, they give you 10 or so plastic cups and a timer. WE're being RIPPED OFF!!!

Rachael said...

Way to go Coby. That is so awesome. I'm so proud of him! I think Clint got his money's worth.

Asasia said...

Good for people to know.