Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BYU Game

I don't know why but over the last couple of weeks I have been totally jazzed about going down to BYU for the Homecoming game. I don't normally get that excited but this time, I was really animated about the idea.

Last weekend we packed up all of the kids and headed down to Utah to go to BYU's Homecoming. We stayed in Bountiful with my parents and then got up Saturday morning and headed to Provo. It was slated to be a chilly morning but we were up for a good time so we packed all of our warm clothes and headed for the south side of BYU Campus. As we drove up the street we were going to hang out on for the Homecoming Parade, we noticed that the police escorts were just passing by. We had managed to arrive at the exact right time to see the whole parade. The kids loved watching the different colleges, bands and cheerleaders walk by and enjoyed picking up the sprinkling of candy.

After the parade, I had arranged to have the kids take a look at the student housing at Heritage Halls. We were given a quick tour of the girls student dorms. After leaving the dorms the girls mentioned that the apartment was really small. The bedrooms were smaller than there current bedroom in our house.

We wandered over to the Wilkenson center where we browsed through tons of BYU toys, clothes and gear. We ate lunch at the Cougar Eat. (I don't know if it is still called that or not). While everyone was sitting back and enjoying the meal, the kids started getting restless so I decided to take them to Kimball Tower to drop coins down the stair well. The kids loved it. I was actually able to drop a quarter 6 stories before it caught a rail and stopped its fall.

Be broke up after lunch and the girls went shopping the guys went to the game. BYU had a mediocre game but it was good enough to put a W on BYU's game column. Here is a picture of the boys and me at the game.


Melinda said...

Sounds like great fun. You didn't mention the freezing. And how was your drive home. were the roads clear?
BYU needs to step it up if they are going to keep their rank, don't you think?
We need to be better about getting down to BYU. Seriously, I think our kids love BSU more than BYU. What a thought?!!!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad that your family keeps with all the Carter traditions that we can't do from way out here. I'm so jealous. So many memories and so much fun. I love that you are creating those with your own fam. GO BYU!