Thursday, October 09, 2008

Global Cooling

It is official, at least in my book, we are now witnessing global cooling. It has been reported that Twin Falls Idaho will get snow Friday October 9th. Yes, that is right, SNOW!!!!

Our family has been planning on traveling down to Provo Utah this weekend to attend the BYU Homecoming game. Now we are having second thoughts because of this nasty storm system that will be traveling our way Friday and Saturday. Of course, it has to come from the Gulf of Alaska. It has been predicted that we will get snow accumulations up to 2 inches. So, do we stay or do we go?

We had such high hopes for this trip to Provo this year. The BYU Cougs should be fun to watch this year since they have had an incredible winning streak.

We normally head down to the south side of campus to watch the Homecoming Parade but now, it looks like there might be 2 inches of snow on the parade route. That just doesn't seem fun. I guess we could bring our skis and inner tubes and try to make some fun out of the miserable weather.

I'll let you know what we decide. I guess if the weather is really bad, maybe it will be so bad that it will be a trip that we NEVER forget.

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Melinda said...

weather men always make it out to be worse that it really is. GO GO GO. We went and watched BYU in Logan and it was fun.
Go Go.