Thursday, November 06, 2008

Book Club

For all of you who know me to any degree, you know that I do not enjoy reading books. I am a little dyslexic and I feel I am a slow reader. Reading to me is a chore and may even be hard work. What I am about to tell you may be a huge surprise so please take a minute to take the last bite of the cookie that is in your hand and sit down. Make sure that the glass of milk next to your keyboard is out of striking distance.

I have joined a book club.

AARRRGFGGHHHHH!!!!! Splatttt!!!!! Curpluink!!!! Curfuffle!!!!

I warned you.

Yes, 5 manly, matcho, masculine, ruff and tumble dudes have organized a book club exclusively for men. The first book that was recommended by this group of raging, robust males was "Enders Game". And, if you are a current subscriber to my Blog, you would know that this book is one of the only books that I have re-read in my life. Therefore, when I found out that this book club would be reading books like this, I decided to join.

Last month we read "Never Cry Wolf" which was a good book. It is funny and easy to read. We had great discussions about wolves, politics and hunting. (interestingly enough, none of us hunt, but we could if we had to)

This month, we will be reading, "Me and the Geezer". We will see if the other brave gentlemen enjoy this book about baseball as much as I did.

The interesting thing about Me and the Geezer is that it was written by my Uncle, Ron Carter. The story is written from the son's prospective which would be my cousin. The Geezer is Ron Carter himself as the father. Some of you might already know that Ron Carter is a notable author which wrote the "Prelude to Glory" series.


Clark Draney said...

Hey dude!

Only men who are completely secure in their masculinity join book clubs, so welcome!

FYI, you may also spell that new word "kerfuffle," "kafuffle," or "gafuffle."

Just thought you'd wanna know.

Marni said...

I had to find a book quote just for you.

"You are the same today as you will be five years from now except for two things...the people you meet and the books you read." --Charles E. Jones

Good luck on this exciting new adventure! I would love to hear what you read and what you think of them.

Rachael said...

Are you on goodreads? I also LOVE books on CD. I "read" so much while I am driving around. I just finished TO Kill a Mocking Bird. Loved it. I use to be in a book club, but it is at the same time as YW board and presidency meeting. I hope you guys bring a desert. That was most of the reason we got together!