Sunday, November 09, 2008

Movie Review

As a new addition to my blog. I am now writing about current movies I have watched. I really haven't watched a movie for over 6 months so, I am guessing, that these reviews will be few and far between.

The movie I am reviewing today is "High School Musical 3".

I'll start off by saying that this movie is rated G. Even with a G rating you never know what you are going to see or hear. I am very thrilled to report that it lived up to it's rating. I thought the movie had awesome music, great dance scenes and a good storyline and ending. I would recommend going and seeing the movie. You can also review it on Screen It.

Something else I really liked about it was that the boys that were dancing and singing in the movie were actually cool. When the actors needed to look like they were good at basketball, they were actually really good. Most of the time, they get an actor and try to make them look like they are good at basketball. For example, Michael J Fox playing basketball. He is supposed to be good, but it is obvious that he is not. Also, the boys singing and dancing in this movie show young boys and youth that it can look cool to dance. The dancing scenes were macho when they needed to be and graceful in others.

My only complaint was actually with the movie theater itself. If you go into a movie theater, you expect AWESOME sound and effects. For some reason, the only speakers that were audible were the very front speakers. The music was awesome but without full surround sound, it sounded very flat. I felt I could get better sound out of my hoky speakers on my computer than we had at the movie. I complained twice to management but they just said, "That is just how they must have designed the movie."

Two thumbs up from me on this movie.



Rachael said...

My two girls saw it and loved it the best out of all three. Have you seen the other two movies? I think it is awesome that they still even have musicals anymore, that are CLEAN and uplifting. I love it. I wish they would make more of these kind of movies! I love hearing what you thought.

Melinda said...

TAra has seen it, but the rest of us haven't. Megan has been pestering me to take her. I guess it's hard for me to think of paying full price for her and for HS3. The others were free on tv.
I'll probably break down soon tho......and hit a matinee.
Glad to hear you liked it.

Susan said...

Sounds like it could be good for even Grannies. Two movies NOT to see...1.Eagle Eye (It is stupid) and Walli (also depressing and stupid).