Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ready for Christmas?

I think I have mentioned this in my blog before but I have learned to look for gifts for kids and my wife all year round. I don't just shop the last week before Christmas to get the gifts, I am looking for things all year. Unfortunately, I have run out of gift ideas for this year. Especially for my wife. I normally have a notepad full of gift ideas for Deanna but with her birthday and Anniversary this summer, I have used up all of the good gift ideas. Now, my list is empty and I'm very worried about it. I have the regular gift ideas that have been on the list forever like tennis gear, a car starter, kindergarten stuff but I don't have anything exciting and new. I pride myself in getting her something that she didn't know she wanted, but will love to have. I know what you are thinking, "why don't you just ask her what she wants?". I have asked her several times and the responses so far have been that she would like some piece of clothing. Now, I have been trained and taught from Stacy and Clinton from What not to wear, so I know that I can not just pick out a piece of clothing and expect it to fit. The process of buying clothes requires trying on every piece to make sure that it fits in all of the right places. So, I am not buying clothes. I have also decided not to buy gift cards. I know that if I tell everyone that I am buying my wife gift cards for Christmas, I would have and uprising in the female community that would eclipse the uproar of an angry crowed of disgruntled factory workers.

I guess I'll just have to keep listening for clues to find out what she wants. Oh, one last thing. I was given the advise a few years back, that I should never give my wife a gift that is normally a household item. One year I gave my wife a new kitchen faucet for a gift for her birthday or mothers day or something, (which we needed really badly) and all of the ladies in the office thought I was a clod. So, I try and stay away from these types of gifts too.

If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Jeff said...

Clint, this is easy. Get her what every woman really wants: a puppy.

Rachael said...

I can't even begin to respond to Jeff's comment. :)

I just think you are just an awesome husband. You constantly are thinking about Deanna. Does she have a camera? Does she read your blog? How about a weekend away? I'll keep thinking.

Susan said...

Yes, you are a remarkable husband. Most husbands run out on Christmas eve and buy whatever is on sale. How about a nice briefcase to keep her school stuff in? CD...a new gas fireplace for downstairs...or one of those fake cool fireplaces from Costco... Carol Conover loves hers. I'll keep thinking.