Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wood Badge

I am so proud of 2 of my leaders. (not that I'm not proud of them all) but these two leaders signed up for Wood Badge and are there right now. The Varsity Coach and our Assistant Scout Master. I am sure they will learn a whole bunch of stuff and hopefully will come back with renewed energy and commitment to make our Scouting program better. I am really excited to see them and hear of their experiences.

Go Wood Badge!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

On hold

Our Venture Crew has been on hold lately because of a Trek that we are going on this summer. Most of our Wednesday activities have been centered around that upcoming activity. I did, however, work some fun stuff into our program. One Wednesday our VCA (Venture Crew Advisor) brought harmonica's for everyone. I brought some songs we could learn and all of us played our harmonicas. After practicing a few times, we walked down to the Young Women's room and played a selection for them.

It was fun and we were able to pass off a couple of our DTG requirements.