Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reading A Book

Because I grew up with a minor case of Dyslexia, I really haven't ever liked reading books. To this day I struggle reading books because it takes so darn long to get through them. I read at a pace of about 20 pages per hour. I know, it is terrible. I am probably not reading correctly. For some reason I read every single word. I have tried reading faster but I alway lose the meaning of the story or I missed a "NOT", or a "DID" or "Didn't" that would totally change the view of the story. Anyway, I am doing something that I have never done before. I am re-reading a book. Deanna has always talked about re-reading books and I have always thought she was crazy. Why would you want to re-read a book? It is hard enough getting through it the first time. The book I am re-reading is "Enders Game" by Orson Scott Card.

I really enjoyed reading this book the first time, plus, it doesn't have a thousand billion pages. I am half way through the book and I am really enjoying the second read. I remember bits and pieces from when I read it the first time which excites me more to keep reading.

The down side of me really liking this book is that I found it in the Juvenile section of the Public Library. So, I figure, I am probably reading at about a 5th grade level to a 9th grade level. That is ok with me.

Don't bother sending me your list of books that you know I will love. I probably won't read them. I tried to make a new years resolution a few years back that I would read 6 books during the year. Well, I didn't make it. I haven't had the courage to make a new years resolution like that again. I think I'll stick to movies and television.