Monday, March 30, 2009

it all started with a fence post

This weekend I decided to use the warm weather to get some of the outside projects completed. On the top of the list was a job entitled, "replace the fence post". So, Katie and I went down to Lowe's to get the materials required to get the job done. I didn't know what I was doing so we had to make several trips back and forth and back again. After many excruciating trips, we were ready to replace the bad post.

After putting the new post in, I realized that I was on the wrong side of the fence to try and put the fence slats back on the fence. So, I devised an engenious plan of putting my ladder over the top of the fence and just climb over. I dragged the trampoline over to the fence so I could position the ladder just right. It looked like this.

After climbing over and back and over again to finish the task, I realized how fun it would be to jump off the top of the ladder onto the trampoline. I grabbed Coby to see if he would be willing to do it. I don't jump on the trampoline anymore because of #3 on my "turning 40" post. He made a couple of jumps and immediately I started to think about my video camera. "This would make a good video clip" I thought. So, I grabbed the flip video and started to make a movie. I had to leave to help serve food for the Young Women in our Stake so Coby, Andy and Landon finished the rest of the movie. Some of it is kinda choppy but I thought it turned out pretty good. Below is the final product.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

US Economy

I don't know anything about the economy except for what I see in the newspaper and on television. I don't understand how "smart" people, like the elected officials that we supposedly have in Washington, don't understand nor know how to fix it.
I have listened to radio personalities of course but I am also watching President Obama's news briefings on how he plans on fixing the economy. From what I understand, the President wants to spend a bunch of money on infrustructure projects, green projects and education to help pull us out of this recession. He feels that we need to spend this money as an investment in the future. For example, if a business wants to get ahead, sometimes they need to make some major purchases to make themselves more efficient. I watched a show just last night that showed a company buying a 2 million dollar machine that would make their shipping department work more efficiently, saving the company millions over the long run. So, with that idea in mind, I kinda get President Obama's idea of investing in the future. It wouldn't be so bad to have a bunch of jobs that have been created by the government to help get people back to work. Maybe they need an IT guy. The government always pays well and the benefits are always good.

With that idea in mind, I was watching Glenn Beck last night and I watched this interview he had with someone from the Parliament in England. Apparently England has been walking down this road already and is in a much worse position that we are.

Listen to what is happening over there. He describes perfectly what will happen if the government creates a whole bunch of jobs to try and save our economy.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

big feet

I am starting to get a little worried about Coby. He has been trotting along at a good old speed and staying just ahead of the younger kids but still a little less than his parents. However, he came home from going shopping the other day and announced that he is wearing size 9 1/2 shoes. WHAT!!!!

I wear a size 8 1/2 and sometimes a size 9 depending on the shoe manufacturer. Now, I must also state (in an effort to still dominate the landscape in the Carter House) that I am still taller than he is and I think he is still a half of an inch shorter that Deanna.

It is definitely getting harder and harder to push him around. I'd better start working out or start taking karate classes just to stay ahead of my own kids.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Role Models

I recently attended a talk by Young Mens General President Dahlquist. He visited Twin Falls a week or two ago to talk to us about the youth of the church, and specifically about the Young Men of our Stakes and Wards. I know that I'm not supposed to quote general authorities when they come and visit, so, I'll just talk about some stuff I have been thinking about that was spurred by some of the topics he discussed. Is that vague and general enough?

Anyway, he was talking about hero's and that the young men need role models in their lives. I agree that our young men need someone to look up to, someone with good moral standards and values. I decided to try and find some famous people that had been Eagle Scouts. (do you capitalize eagle scouts?) I wasn't looking for just your run of the mill Eagle Scouts, I wanted someone that the young men would go "WOW, he was as Eagle Scout? COOL!" So, I put my best search engine skills to work. I wanted to find an NBA star or an NFL star that all of the young men would recognize and point to him as being an Eagle Scout. BUT, I didn't find one. I thought for sure that someone would put together a list of famous people that were Eagle Scouts. I did find a short list but it didn't have anyone that a young person today would recognize. I wouldn't think that Bill Bradley, Walter Cronkite, Steven Spielberg nor Ross Perot would be recognizable to our youth. Maybe Steven Spielberg, but the rest, I am sure are virtually unknown names to 12 - 18 year old boys. Steve Young was a scout but apparently never received his Eagle Rank. I'll keep looking and let you know if I come up with any more good names.

Today, I received a copy of the Church News. Along with the Church News, there is now a new publication called the Mormon Times. I noticed on the front page of the times there was an article about missionaries and basketball players. The article was entitled, "Mission experience pays off for college basketball RMs". It is a great little article about return missionaries that are currently Basketball players at Utah State University and other colleges. The best part about this article is that it has a picture of a return missionary from Twin Falls Idaho named Brady Jardine. Brady was a basketball star from Twin Falls High School. He is actually in our Stake and attended church in our same building. We watched him at high school basketball games and even went to Boise to watch him take the Idaho title. He then signed with USU and then left on a mission. This summer, he returned from his mission, traveled up to our High Adventure Camp, and gave a talk about preparing for a mission to our youth. It was AWESOME! He took his place on the USU Bball team this fall and is now a valuable player on their team this year. I don't know if he was an Eagle Scout, but I'll take a good return missionary as a role model any day.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still got it? NOT!

Last night I decided to run over to the church and see if our ward was scheduled for a basketball game. When I got there, I found a number of young men just shooting around at both ends of the court. I quickly rallied them together and started a game.

I held my own against these youngsters and even scored a couple of points. One of which was a 3 pointer.

After several long minutes of play, the "pickup" game ended and the adults began warming up. Our ward only had 2 people (including myself) show up to play. We grabbed some guys that were there waiting for the next game and filled the rest of the slots in our 5 man game.

The game was fast and physical but I held my own against these younger men. At the end, I was exhausted but still felt good about playing in both games. I don't know if I still have it, but it sure felt good to be out there showing them my moves.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wass Up?

I have always enjoyed watching the "Wass Up" commercial that a certain dealer of a intoxicant produced one year. I have seen many variations of this same commercial which made me laugh as well. I decided, on Sunday morning, that I would re-enact this video using the talented actors and actresses from the Carter Family. I hope that you don't notice that Katie appears in 3 different outfits. Deanna felt I should redo those scenes to keep congruity but I was feeling that I just wanted to get it finished.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spirits and Physical Bodies

I have often pondered as to whether spirits can touch and feel things. We know that spirits are more fine and pure. We know that spirits can float and can appear and disappear. I guess there are no scriptural references that show that spirits can go through walls but I've always just assumed that spirits could do that. We also believe that our soul is made up of a spirit body and a physical body. If spirit is more fine and can travel through walls, how does our spirit stay in our bodies? Even more interesting question is, how does our spirit control our bodies? There must be some connection between our physical body and our spiritual bodies. Where is that connection and how does it work? Is there a special connection in the brain that allows our spirit to communicate with our bodies?

The only answer I have come up with comes from D&C 7:7. "Spirit is matter". It says that "There is no such thing as immaterial matter." So, spirits do have matter, but it is finer and purer. There must be enough matter there to be able to make a connection with the body and communicate with it. How it stays inside the body is a mystery and is probably predicated by a law of God. It will be interesting to learn just how spirit bodies communicate with physical bodies once we leave this life and start learning things in the afterlife.

Friday, March 13, 2009

look alike

I've decided to start posting some ponderings of mine.  I'm just going to float them out there into the blogosphere and see what kind of resonses I get.  I already sent one out there entitled Ward vs Family.  I received mixed reviews, however I enjoyed the social banter it created.

I have always wondered about whether I would look the same as a spirit.  We are taught in the Mormon faith that our sole is made up of 2 parts, a spiritual being (spirit children of a Heavenly Father), and a physical being (from earthly parents).  Many people belive that our spirits look just like our physical bodies.  I don't know if I believe that theory.  I do believe that our spiritual bodies are a likeness of our physical bodies but not exactly the same.  How could that be, you ask?  Well, here is my theory.

I believe that our physical bodies are subject to physical rules and regulations.  We receive DNA from 2 parents making our bodies unique.  We also receive a lot of physical attributes and physical features related to our parents.  Many people can look at someone's face and say, you look just like your Dad.  I have heard that time and time again in my life.  When I look at old pictures of my Dad, I do look like him.  My son Coby looks like me.  So, I believe that we look the way we do because of genetics.  Here comes the leap.  How is it possible that our specific spirit attributes looks like our specific physical attributes?  I assume that spiritual attributes come from spiritual parents.  Physical attributes come from physical parents.  So, my guess is that our spirit looks different than our physical bodies.  (facial features, height, hand size, hair etc)  It would be silly to assume that because your physical parents are short, that your spirit is short too.  Or, if your physical parents have a crooked nose that your spirit would enherit the crooked nose.  

So, how does it work?  I don't know.  Maybe we will get a choise as to whether we want to look like we did on earth or how we looked in heaven.  Maybe we can pick and choose features that we like.  I know I want to be taller than I am now.

One last thing on this issue.  You remember that after Jesus had been resurrected, he walked with his apostles, and they did not recognize him(that is a paraphrase).  Could this possibly be the answer?  Maybe He chose to show Himself with His spiritual appearance instead of His physical one.

It is definately fun to think about.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was talked with some friends last night and somehow the topic turned to metabolism. It was very interesting because all of these "middle aged" men mentioned that they noticed when their metabolism started to slow. I'm glad that other people experience the same thing because I am definitely feeling the symptoms of a slowing metabolism.

I have always been thin. As Mr. Monk would say, "its a gift, and a curse". A gift when I played sports and a curse when girls would look at my skinny legs and exclaim, "I wish I had your legs". Yes, that was their comment. BTW, if you ever feel the need to comment on a guy's legs, please do not utter these words. It is a little de-masculating.

I have always concidered eating a need, not a want. I would rather not eat but I have to eat to have energy so I always would eat enough food to keep me going but I never just enjoyed eating. However, I am finding this to change a little as I get older. I am seeing myself eating more at the dinner table and enjoying the food. I have even caught myself putting more on my plate that I can eat. The tastes are so good that I want another helping even though I am completely full.

It reminds me of a trip I made to a restaurant in Boise. I was with a number of friends from my church. We may have been at an all-you-can-eat establishment and we had just finished our meals. All of us were leaning back trying to let the morsels settle. One of my friends exclaimed, "I think I just broke the word of wisdom". I shook my head at the time and thought, yes, you may be right.

Monday, March 09, 2009


I was up in Bountiful this weekend helping my mother with a history of my grandparents Loy and Erma Blake. As we were going through the history, I found a couple of really great pictures of our family when we were all younger. Can you pick me out?

Friday, March 06, 2009

New Family Portrait

It has taken us a while, (maybe as long as 6 years) to get our family portrait taken again.  I know, it is sad that it took us this long.

Aren't they the cutest family you have ever seen?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Show me your workplace

I follow a blog by Clark Draney and he challenged me to take a picture of my workplace.  I kept forgetting to bring my camera to work so I just never got around to doing it.  Well, this morning, I was working on a laptop and noticed that it had a built in web cam.  Using my highly trained technological prowess, I decided to turn on the laptop's web cam and point it at my desk so that I would finally have a picture of my working environment.  I don't think the quality is too good but you can see my desk, monitor, and speakers. You may not be able to see it, but there is a layer of dust on my desk.  The dust is not from my lack of cleanliness, but rather, a continuous flow of construction silt that lands on me every day.  Our office is under construction and I don't exaggerate in saying that they have been plastering, cutting, sanding, and hammering for an entire month. I'll take a picture when we are in our new offices and my desk is more organized and dust free.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anniversary of Engagement

Many of you may not celebrate it or even remember it but for some reason it sticks in my mind as a day to remember.  This was the day that I "plucked up enough courage" to ask Deanna to marry me. This day had to be well planned, ring purchased, events organized and flawlessly executed.  The day was March 3, 1993.  It will go down in history as a wonderfully happy day, when Deanna said Yes.

Happy Engagement Anniversary Deanna.
I Love You.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Video's about the Mormon Church

I follow a blog called LDS Web Talk.  It has great stuff about the church and technology.  Today, I found out that there are some videos on YouTube made by a group called Mormons made simple.Watch the two videos below,  Book of Mormon Made Simple and Attending a Mormon Church Service.

I'm thinking of sending the links to a couple of non-member friends of mine.