Wednesday, March 25, 2009

big feet

I am starting to get a little worried about Coby. He has been trotting along at a good old speed and staying just ahead of the younger kids but still a little less than his parents. However, he came home from going shopping the other day and announced that he is wearing size 9 1/2 shoes. WHAT!!!!

I wear a size 8 1/2 and sometimes a size 9 depending on the shoe manufacturer. Now, I must also state (in an effort to still dominate the landscape in the Carter House) that I am still taller than he is and I think he is still a half of an inch shorter that Deanna.

It is definitely getting harder and harder to push him around. I'd better start working out or start taking karate classes just to stay ahead of my own kids.


Melinda said...

WOW. He surpassed YOU? It's humbling when they are as big as you in something. Tom is taller than me. Will has bigger feet than me. I have to shake my finger at them and remind them that I"M STILL THE BOSS all the time.

It will be fun to see how tall Coby gets. I heard the feet grow first and then comes the heighth.

Susan said...

I know that is a very scary time. All of a sudden EVERYONE is taller than you. That is where high heels come in handy.
I've noticed that Coby has just shot up. And I see Andy coming right up. The problem with this is not just in who's the head of the house. The problem then becomes...How can I possibly keep this kid in clothes? They don't wear things out, they Grow out.
Good luck with all that!