Thursday, March 26, 2009

US Economy

I don't know anything about the economy except for what I see in the newspaper and on television. I don't understand how "smart" people, like the elected officials that we supposedly have in Washington, don't understand nor know how to fix it.
I have listened to radio personalities of course but I am also watching President Obama's news briefings on how he plans on fixing the economy. From what I understand, the President wants to spend a bunch of money on infrustructure projects, green projects and education to help pull us out of this recession. He feels that we need to spend this money as an investment in the future. For example, if a business wants to get ahead, sometimes they need to make some major purchases to make themselves more efficient. I watched a show just last night that showed a company buying a 2 million dollar machine that would make their shipping department work more efficiently, saving the company millions over the long run. So, with that idea in mind, I kinda get President Obama's idea of investing in the future. It wouldn't be so bad to have a bunch of jobs that have been created by the government to help get people back to work. Maybe they need an IT guy. The government always pays well and the benefits are always good.

With that idea in mind, I was watching Glenn Beck last night and I watched this interview he had with someone from the Parliament in England. Apparently England has been walking down this road already and is in a much worse position that we are.

Listen to what is happening over there. He describes perfectly what will happen if the government creates a whole bunch of jobs to try and save our economy.


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Susan said...

That was so interesting and TRUE. It seems that if you have a government job that you are safe. The problem is we have those advisory jobs, the inquiry jobs, the jobs to watch how many jobs there are. I agree with the guy who said to pay each adult $40,000 requiring him to buy and NEW electric car or solar car. That way we'd get rid of the need for so much gas and it would put the car companies back in business. That would affect the tire business, the steel business, the widget businesses. WA-LA our economy would grow. And how about asking politely for business to get their call centers back in the US. And maybe even some of our manufacturing jobs. I think the US is ready now to now require such high incomes. As far as what got us into this you should listen to the guy who said that the banks were ALL in a giant PONSI scheme. They were greedy and sold thousands of liar loans. They should all be prosecuted and be in jail.