Friday, February 29, 2008

Eagle Project

Coby has been trying to put together some ideas on what he can do for an eagle project. He first wanted to do a project where he would gather a bunch of stuff to send to the troops in Iraq but he didn't get it done and thought out fast enough to get it done for Christmas. So, he started thinking of other things he could do for his eagle project. Of course, I have been looking for something for him as well. So, last week we started talking about some possible projects. One of which I brought up he decided to pursue.

Here it is. I have come across a web filtering software that is FREE. Not just an evaluation copy or a trial copy but completely free for home use. I thought this was a pretty cool product and I have installed it on a few computers to test it out, including my computer at home. The software is excellent and again, free. So, my idea was to have copy talk to the Stake and see if they would allow him to give out 100 free CD's with this web filtering software. Oh, I should probably tell you the software, it is called K-9 web filtering.

Anyway, Coby liked the idea so he started putting together some ideas.

Here were the ideas;
1: Put together a fireside where the threats on the internet were discussed and then Coby could make a presentation about the software. He could explain how it worked and how to install it. He would then make 100 CD's available to those that wanted to take it home and use it.
2: Make 100 CD's available for all of the bishops in the stake so that the bishops can give out these CD's to people who want them.
3: Make 100 CD's available to the High Council speakers to distribute when they give a talk about the internet and pornography.
4: Offer the CD to those that want them as part of a 5th Sunday lesson.

We then went over to his the Eagle Project Review guy and talked to him about it. He thought the project would be great but he would need to get the Stake President or Bishop to approve this project first. So, Coby called and setup an appointment with the Stake President and went in and presented the idea. The Stake President liked the idea and asked Coby to present his project at a Bishops meeting in March. All those bishops that would like to participate could then opt in or opt out. The Stake President thought it would be best to make it an options for a 5th Sunday lesson. Anyway, he signed Coby's paper and the next day he had the Scout Committee, Scout Master and the Eagle Project Review guy. He now has a completely approved Eagle Project in hand and is just waiting to put the rest of the pieces together for the presentation in March.

I think Coby is excited about it and the bonus is that it has to do with computers and CD's and programs which he really enjoys.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes from here.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Does this count?

On Sunday I was taking an inventory of all of the things that I still do not do in my life to be perfectly in line with the teachings of the Prophets. One of them that came to mind was a journal. I have a small journal writing program on my computer that I use to type up some of my journal entries. Every time I look at that program, my last entry is inevitably 6 months to 12 months ago. I always start out my next entry with, "I know it has been a long time since I have written in my journal, I will recommit to writing more often". And so it goes each entry.

As I was kicking myself for not writing in my journal, I then realized that I might be able to "count" my blog entries as a journal. Wow, what a concept. All I will have to do is copy and paste my blog entries into my journal. Do you think that when I get into heaven and the checklist is read off, that a check mark will be placed in the "journal" column? Or, a demerit might be placed in it's stead and in big red letters it states, "A blog is not a journal!".

The journal software I purchased is is called It's Personal. Unfortunately it has been discontinued,

Monday, February 25, 2008

Plead Guilty

I plead guilty on Friday and I'm happy about it?

So, my lawyer called the prosecuting attorney to discuss a lessor sentence than a misdemeanor citation. The prosecuting attorney agreed to drop the charge of misdemeanor citation and lower the charge to a traffic violation. The traffic violation that I was charged with, and plead guilty to, was a speeding ticket. So, I went into the courthouse in Burley Idaho and paid the fine for my speeding ticket and somehow, I was happy to pay it.

The misdemeanor citation would have cost me $90.00 but having a misdemeanor citation on my record could have cost me a lot more.

Now, the final chapter in this story will be the cost of the attorney. I had my friend work on the deal and I am not sure yet how much he will charge me. It could be up to 3 hours worth of work and at $170 per hour, it could cost over $500 for the whole deal.

What a lesson to learn about using the Emergency Cross Over on a Freeway. Don't Do It! Not even in an emergency.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is Clint Carter reporting live from Twin Falls Idaho were it has been reported that there was an earthquake this morning February 21 2008.

At about 7:20am this morning the Carter Family felt a 6.3 magnitude Earthquake rattle through their house. Clint, the father of 4 children, was resting nicely in his bed when he heard a loud rumble and heard and felt the house shaking. Being wide awake in an instant, he immediately jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. His wife and 8 year old daughter were sitting at the kitchen table with wide eyes. His wife asked, "did we just have an earthquake"? "Yep, that was an earthquake", he said. As they sat around the kitchen table Mr. Carter noticed that the kitchen chandelier was swinging back and fourth a little and on the wall, Mrs. Carter had hung a number of wooden painted signs that had the 6 Be's on them. All of them were swinging back and fourth on their strings. Mr. Carter remarked that is felt like a large truck had just rumbled past the house (which is almost impossible since they live at the end of a cul-de-sac). Mrs. Carter stated that it felt like about 10 seconds of shaking whereas Clint felt only about 3 seconds. Deanna likened the jolt to a sonic boom. Mr. and Mrs. Carter then turned on the radio and listened to News Radio 1310 KLIX as they reported, within minutes, that there had indeed received a 6.3 shock wave with an epicenter just east of Wells Nevada. Wells Nevada is approximately 100 miles from Twin Falls Idaho. Other reports have been streaming in from Burley and the surrounding areas. No reported injuries or damage at this time.

This is Clint Carter reporting from the Carter News Network. Now back to you in the studio.

Friday, February 15, 2008

$500 or 5 years in prison

So, I talk to my lawyer about this Misdemeanor Citation and he tells me that this charge has maximum penalties of $500 or 5 years in prison. YIKES!

I talked to a lawyer friend of mine and had him look at the citation I received to get his advise. He told me that I could plead guilty and pay the fine and have a misdemeanor on my record, or I could go and plead not guilty and explain my situation to the judge and hope of a lessor charge. He also said that he could represent me at the court and take care of it for me but he would charge $170 per hour for his time. Burley is 1 hour away, so it would be at the very least 2 hours in travel and then his time at the court. Holy Cow, That is over $500 right there!!! I don't see how people can afford to use a lawyer.

Anyway, I am having the lawyer call the Prosecuting Attorney and see if I can get a lessor citation of an infraction. If that works, I'll no longer be a hardened criminal on the lam. I'll be an infractor. (if that is a word)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Misdemeanor Citation

Can you believe it? I have been Cited with a Misdemeanor!!!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!

I was driving to Malta last Monday and expected to take I-84 south down to Malta. When I reached the interchange I was met with a sign that said "Road Closed, Detour". The detour pointed further down the road towards Pocatello. I didn't want to drive to Pocatello. I continued down the road looking for a detour so I could drive back to Declo and take the back roads into Malta. As I looked ahead I saw a truck crossing the middle using the emergency crossover. I figured that this must be the detour. (conveniently leaving out details) I was then met by a police officer standing in the middle of the road which motioned me to pull over. He then informed me, as his teeth chattered from the cold, that I would need to wait for him to give me a citation. I sat and waited to see what would happen. Hopefully, I thought, he would just give me a warning and let me go since it was a wintery day and due to the unusual circumstances. Well, that didn't "detour" (no pun intended) our friendly freezing police officer. He gave me a Misdemeanor Citation for using the Emergency Crossover. I asked him, "when can someone use the emergency crossover"? He said "never!". I said, "If there was an emergency, I still can not use the crossover?". He said "correct".

I then find out that this is not a ticket that I have to pay, it is a Misdemeanor. I have to show up to court! WHAT? So, a week from Monday I have to go to Rupert for a court hearing in front of a judge about my Misdemeanor Citation. YIKES!!!!

How am I going to plead?
Could I get excommunicated?

I have decided not to contact my Idaho State Representative on the matter since he did not handle his own "Misdemeanor Citation" very well.