Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

The dynamics of the Carter Family has changed this year.  We had one of our decedents (Coby) graduate from High School, pack up his things and leave the nest.  We didn't think it would ever happen and we were pretty sure he would not survive on his own.  Amazingly enough, Coby is still alive and has managed to live, on his own, for four whole months.  We are pretty sure he is living on milk, Cup-o-Noodles and toast.  He has spent the last semester at Utah State University and is entering his finals week.  We are anxious to have him home for Christmas to hear about all of his experiences at college.  Coby is planning on starting his mission paperwork so that he will be ready to leave on a mission in early spring 2013.

Andy tried out for the Junior Varsity Basketball team this fall, and made the team.  So, we are traveling around the gem state in hopes of catching a glimpse of him playing on the TFHS JV basketball team.  So far he has played really well for the short periods of time that he has played.  Andy was ordained a Priest this year and is excited to be in the Priest Quorum.   At the end of the last school year, he was fortunate enough to quality to play in the State Tennis Tournament in men’s doubles.  He is really excited for tennis to start but has to wait two more months before tryouts and practice begins.

Savanna has been serving as the Beehive President in our ward.  She completed her Young Women Recognition award this year which is a MAJOR accomplishment for a little Beehive.  Savanna continues playing the piano and clogging.  She worked very hard this year to make the highest team in her dance studio called Pride Elite.  The Elite team is made of girls from a senior in high school all the way down to 8th grade.  She is very lucky to make such a special team at her age.  Some of her clogging dances can be found on YouTube.

Katie has decided to play basketball again this year.  She wasn't on the same team as last year but still had a winning season.  Katie has also decided to start clogging again.  She tried out for a clogging team called Thunder and made the team.  She hasn't been clogging for 5 years but picked it back up very quickly.  She had her first performance this month and did very well.  You can also see her clogging performance on YouTube.

Clint has made a career change of sorts this year.  He has enjoyed being a computer technician but was wanting something more.  He talked with his employer to see what other opportunities were available.  After some deliberation and investigation he has moved from being a computer tech to sales.  He is now referred to as “Technology Specialist” on the sales team at Integrated Technologies.  So, if you need any computer equipment, any toner, a printer or copier, please call Clint and buy from him.  His livelihood now depends on what he can sell.  So far it has been a good move for Clint and the future looks bright.  Clint continues to serve as the Elders Quorum President in our ward which keeps him busy and involved.  He enjoys the opportunity to serve people and create fun activities for the Elders in the Quorum.  Clint has decided to volunteer as an assistant tennis coach for the Twin Falls High School JV Tennis Team.  Tryouts and practice begins at the end of February.

Deanna has been studying her brains out this year.  She continues to work on her Master’s program so that she can say that she is definitely smarter than anyone else in the family.  We already know she is smarter but she wants a diploma to prove it.  She has about 1 year left before she earns her Master’s Degree.  Deanna continues to teach at Sawtooth Elementary as a Kindergarten teacher and also serves as a Laurel Adviser in our ward.  She loves working with the Young Women and the Young Women leaders.  They rally around her and sit close so they can participate in the fun witty humor that Deanna brings to the activities.  This summer at girls camp, Deanna’s little tent was filled with Young Women Leaders as they stayed up late into the night bouncing funny stories and sarcasm off of the paper thin tent walls.

Finally, my daughters insist that I mention one other thing.  At the beginning of last year we found a little dog lost in the streets early in the morning.  We took him into our home with the hopes that we would find his owner.  We did not find the owner so we added another dog to our family.  This fall, little Simba died as a result of a hole in the fence and a bigger dog’s rage, so we had a small funeral service for this little adopted dog.  We miss little Simba in our lives.

We love you all and we pray for your health and safety. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Clint, Deanna, Coby, Andy, Savanna, Katie