Monday, August 29, 2011

Fashion Show

Every year about this time our family heads to the stores to buy new clothes for the new school year. I remember when I was a kid, my sisters would head to Salt Lake City and buy a bunch of new clothes. Sometimes it was to the "OP" outlet or "Fritzies" down near Provo. When we get home there was a tradition to have all of the girls go and put on all of their outfits and put on a "Fashion Show" for Dad. So, this year after Deanna brought the girls back from Boise, I had them model all of their clothes for me. The video isn't that great because I was using my camera phone but it is fun to watch them strut their stuff with their brand new clothes.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My daughter took some video of me playing the piano the other day. I really like this song so I play it all of the time. I think my family is sick of hearing me "Play" it. The song is "Hie to Kolob".

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Saturday, August 13, 2011


As I have been driving around in my car lately I have turned on my android phone and listened to audio books on an app called Ambling books. I sit here typing up this post with a little hesitation to tell you all that I have been listening to "Anne of Green Gables". I decided to listen to this audio book for a couple of reasons. #1. It was free. #2. It was on the top 10 free books in the list. Ok, so, free was in both of the reasons, I am a little cheap.

In any case, I was listening to this book and enjoying the artistic and creative language that is used by Anne (with an e) Shirley. I decided that in my life, I don't do a lot of imagining anymore. I don't even do a lot of creative writing. I used to get on this blog and write up something clever about something that happened in my life. I'd think of a creative way of phrasing it and I would post it for the world to see. I have noticed that my posts reciently have been short pieces of information with video clips or photos. No pithy comments nor creative writing.

I decided today that my lack of interesting writing is do to my lack of listening to Dennis Miller. Every day I would listen to Dennis on the radio and my brain would be taxed as I tried to follow his logic and tried to decider his verbose vocabulary. With this stimulation, my mind would begin to find clever anecdotes and short stories to post on this blog. Unfortunately, I can no longer get Dennis Miller on any radio station in Twin Falls. I might have to wrench some money out of my frugel fingers and purchase a membership to the DMZ (Dennis Miller Zone) so I can get my fix of Dennis's hyperbole. (I'm not even sure I used the word hyperbole correctly but it sounds good)

So, I went to his site to see how much dough it would take to join his club. I found a couple of vids and then came across this "bathrobe session" and found that he mentioned Twin Falls Idaho. Wow, he actually knows something about Twin Falls and he has been here. How providential (as Anne would say).

Here is the clip:

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Second Half

Here is the second half of our vacation cruise video to Ensenada Mexico.

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