Sunday, December 25, 2011

Utah State

I came home one night from work and found this posted on our front door.

If you can't read it, it is an acceptance letter from Utah State University!!!!  Way to go Coby!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Letter

We have been so busy this year with everything going on in our lives that it was hard to crank out a Christmas letter and send it out to all of our friends and family.  However, we did it.  So, if you didn't happen to get a Christmas card from us this year because of mail delivery issues or something, here is what we sent out.

If you can't read this letter because it is too small, you might want to ask for reading glasses for Christmas.

Here is the photo we sent along with this letter.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


43 isn't even a number that anyone remembers.  I don't know why but those numbers between the 0 and 5  and 5 and 10's just don't seem to have much significance once you hit 40, or even 30 for that matter.  Who even remembers when they were 33 or 37 or 43?  Nobody!  It is a year in your life that just kinda passes by without noticing.  In fact, when people ask me how old I am, I have a hard time remembering my age.  Humm, now, was I 42 or 43?  Hummm I don't even remember.  I think I'm 43?  Then I try to use my math skills to try and figure out how old I am.  Lets see.  I was born in 68. So, 2011 minus 1968 is ummm, carry the one, minus the 6 plus 10.  Then, you have to factor in that you haven't reached your date of birth for the year so do I add an extra year or subtract a year for my age.  This time I think I subtract. So, I end up looking like I did before in saying, I think I'm 43 years old.  The 20 something year old cashier looks at me like I'm a little bit crazy not knowing my own age.  Well young lady, (said in the oldest grandpa sounding voice I can muster in my head), when you are 43, you will have the same problem trying to remember the insignificant year of your life.  Now, I'm not saying that insignificant things happen.  There are very significant and important things that happen in some of these inconspicuous years.  It just happens to be years that don't help you remember how old you are.

So, even though I am 43, please don't ask me my age because I may fall into a stupor of thought that may result in my misrepresenting my true age.

Happy 43rd Birthday?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter to Santa

Katie wrote this wonderful letter to Santa Claus in fourth grade.  Notice how she asks for stuff for Mom and Dad first.  What a cutie!  *grin*

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Katie Bball

This year Katie decided to put her name in the ring to play basketball. She was picked up by a little team of 4th grade girls and they started practicing.  Her coach was serious about the game and very dedicated.  They practiced every week and sometime twice a week in preparation for their games.  Katie is one of the tallest girls on the team and she also has a pretty good shot.  Although she is good, there are a couple other girls on the team that are much more aggressive.  After the first couple of games I could tell that this little group of girls had a pretty good team.  As the season rolled on Katie's team only lost one game.  This last weekend was the "tournament".  The first game they had was the semi finals.  They played a pretty well against a group of pretty rough girls but won.  They were set for the finals.  They were pitted against a team that they had dominated in both of their other match-ups.  Katie was feeling pretty confident but was also a little nervous about that "Championship Game".

Unfortunately, this tournament final proved to be the one game that none of their star players could make a basket.  Both teams stayed in the single digits all game long.  We came down to the final two minutes and each team had 8 points.  Both teams were scrambling to try and make that game wining shot.  One of Katie's team mates fouled and a point was made on the free throw line.  This brought the total score to 8/9.  Katie's team needed a field goal or a foul shot to tie or win the game.  Several attempts were made at the basket but nothing would drop.  On three of these attempted shots Katie's team was fouled and put on the free throw line.  Each excruciating attempt bounced off the rim unsuccessfully.  Time finally ran out and the game was over.  "Fever" (the name of Katie's team) 8 and the other team 9.  Katie was definitely disappointed and didn't want to say much about losing this game.  You could tell that she was holding back tears and felt bad that they had lost.  After winning each game all season, they lost in the finals to a team they had beat twice.  I guess that it life sometimes.

Here are some pictures of Katie in action.

Shadows of Summer

I found this little video on my Flip Video Camera so I thought I would upload it to YouTube.  This happened a few years ago in the summer.  Katie and Savanna would get on the trampoline and create a routine.  I stuck up into Savanna's room and recorded this one.  It is nice to remember these nice summer days now that it is stinking dang cold outside.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

Ok, I thought of naming this one, "its starting to look a lot like Christmas" but it seemed just a little too cheesy even though I am the king of cheesy.  So, I'm going with a bland name of "Christmas Tree 2011".  Sorry all of your cheesy subscribers.

I don't know if any of you knew but Facebook is no longer importing blog posts into facebook.  So, you will have to subscribe to my blog to get the updates now.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thanksgiving is over and unfortunately for me, I caught a cold on Wednesday.  So, I was sniffling and sneezing all the way through the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend.  Of course, as soon as Monday comes around, I am feeling a lot better.

While surfing around the internet, I came across this cartoonists blog.  So, I subscribed.  This is a great little cartoon about Thanksgiving.

If you want to subscribe to his blog, go to his site.