Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is Clint Carter reporting live from Twin Falls Idaho were it has been reported that there was an earthquake this morning February 21 2008.

At about 7:20am this morning the Carter Family felt a 6.3 magnitude Earthquake rattle through their house. Clint, the father of 4 children, was resting nicely in his bed when he heard a loud rumble and heard and felt the house shaking. Being wide awake in an instant, he immediately jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. His wife and 8 year old daughter were sitting at the kitchen table with wide eyes. His wife asked, "did we just have an earthquake"? "Yep, that was an earthquake", he said. As they sat around the kitchen table Mr. Carter noticed that the kitchen chandelier was swinging back and fourth a little and on the wall, Mrs. Carter had hung a number of wooden painted signs that had the 6 Be's on them. All of them were swinging back and fourth on their strings. Mr. Carter remarked that is felt like a large truck had just rumbled past the house (which is almost impossible since they live at the end of a cul-de-sac). Mrs. Carter stated that it felt like about 10 seconds of shaking whereas Clint felt only about 3 seconds. Deanna likened the jolt to a sonic boom. Mr. and Mrs. Carter then turned on the radio and listened to News Radio 1310 KLIX as they reported, within minutes, that there had indeed received a 6.3 shock wave with an epicenter just east of Wells Nevada. Wells Nevada is approximately 100 miles from Twin Falls Idaho. Other reports have been streaming in from Burley and the surrounding areas. No reported injuries or damage at this time.

This is Clint Carter reporting from the Carter News Network. Now back to you in the studio.


Melinda said...

That is still weird that we didn't feel it here. Oh well, glad it wasn't anything destructive.

Hey, we all want updates on your misdemeanor, next.

Tiffany said...

Yikes!! I hope this isn't the beginning of more dreadful earthquakes. Of course we just moved right down on the huge fault line of the Wasach Front. I'm glad that I am in Kentucky where our emergency is FREEZING rain. I can tell that it's the end of the world. MOM

Tiffany said...

Yikes!! That is pretty unusual for our area. I'jm glad it was off in the desert somewhere. Of course, I'm a tiny bit nervous since we just moved to the major fault line on the Wasach front. The Bountiful house could easily fall off the hill into the neighbor's house. I, of course, am safely in Kentucy where our emergency is FREEZING RAIN. All the schools and businesses are closed because just plain ICE is falling our of the sky. MOM

Rachael said...

I heard about this and am excited to read a first hand report from my home town. Thanks for such thorough reporting!

Marni said...

I'm surprised that you guys felt it so strongly. Looking at the map, you don't seem that much closer than we are, but no one I know felt a thing.