Friday, February 29, 2008

Eagle Project

Coby has been trying to put together some ideas on what he can do for an eagle project. He first wanted to do a project where he would gather a bunch of stuff to send to the troops in Iraq but he didn't get it done and thought out fast enough to get it done for Christmas. So, he started thinking of other things he could do for his eagle project. Of course, I have been looking for something for him as well. So, last week we started talking about some possible projects. One of which I brought up he decided to pursue.

Here it is. I have come across a web filtering software that is FREE. Not just an evaluation copy or a trial copy but completely free for home use. I thought this was a pretty cool product and I have installed it on a few computers to test it out, including my computer at home. The software is excellent and again, free. So, my idea was to have copy talk to the Stake and see if they would allow him to give out 100 free CD's with this web filtering software. Oh, I should probably tell you the software, it is called K-9 web filtering.

Anyway, Coby liked the idea so he started putting together some ideas.

Here were the ideas;
1: Put together a fireside where the threats on the internet were discussed and then Coby could make a presentation about the software. He could explain how it worked and how to install it. He would then make 100 CD's available to those that wanted to take it home and use it.
2: Make 100 CD's available for all of the bishops in the stake so that the bishops can give out these CD's to people who want them.
3: Make 100 CD's available to the High Council speakers to distribute when they give a talk about the internet and pornography.
4: Offer the CD to those that want them as part of a 5th Sunday lesson.

We then went over to his the Eagle Project Review guy and talked to him about it. He thought the project would be great but he would need to get the Stake President or Bishop to approve this project first. So, Coby called and setup an appointment with the Stake President and went in and presented the idea. The Stake President liked the idea and asked Coby to present his project at a Bishops meeting in March. All those bishops that would like to participate could then opt in or opt out. The Stake President thought it would be best to make it an options for a 5th Sunday lesson. Anyway, he signed Coby's paper and the next day he had the Scout Committee, Scout Master and the Eagle Project Review guy. He now has a completely approved Eagle Project in hand and is just waiting to put the rest of the pieces together for the presentation in March.

I think Coby is excited about it and the bonus is that it has to do with computers and CD's and programs which he really enjoys.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes from here.



Marni said...

We've been using K9 on our computer for probably a couple years now. It's great! Sounds like a fabulous project, I'm sure a lot of people will be grateful for it. I'm sure there's a link people could go to download as well, so maybe even posting about it at the buildings...?

Melinda said...

That sounds like a very unique and great idea. Good luck with all the details. And keep us posted.

Rachael said...

That is a wonderful idea. I will take a look at it and see what Jeff has going on our computers. Good luck to Coby!!!