Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Misdemeanor Citation

Can you believe it? I have been Cited with a Misdemeanor!!!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!

I was driving to Malta last Monday and expected to take I-84 south down to Malta. When I reached the interchange I was met with a sign that said "Road Closed, Detour". The detour pointed further down the road towards Pocatello. I didn't want to drive to Pocatello. I continued down the road looking for a detour so I could drive back to Declo and take the back roads into Malta. As I looked ahead I saw a truck crossing the middle using the emergency crossover. I figured that this must be the detour. (conveniently leaving out details) I was then met by a police officer standing in the middle of the road which motioned me to pull over. He then informed me, as his teeth chattered from the cold, that I would need to wait for him to give me a citation. I sat and waited to see what would happen. Hopefully, I thought, he would just give me a warning and let me go since it was a wintery day and due to the unusual circumstances. Well, that didn't "detour" (no pun intended) our friendly freezing police officer. He gave me a Misdemeanor Citation for using the Emergency Crossover. I asked him, "when can someone use the emergency crossover"? He said "never!". I said, "If there was an emergency, I still can not use the crossover?". He said "correct".

I then find out that this is not a ticket that I have to pay, it is a Misdemeanor. I have to show up to court! WHAT? So, a week from Monday I have to go to Rupert for a court hearing in front of a judge about my Misdemeanor Citation. YIKES!!!!

How am I going to plead?
Could I get excommunicated?

I have decided not to contact my Idaho State Representative on the matter since he did not handle his own "Misdemeanor Citation" very well.


Marni said...

Wow, I didn't know you had this evil side. Maybe you should call Randy and see what he can "arrange" for you with the good folks in Rupert.

Ryan said...

I had no idea that my brother-in-law was of the lawless nature. My kids aren't allowed to be with you unattended. Does this persona stem from the Wild West picture you guys took all those years ago? This has been brewing for some time now. You go on with your bad self.


Melinda said...

Uhhhhhhhh. I'm speechless. Mr Law Abiding Citizen has a misdemeanor? How is a regular citizen supposed to know that using that little road is AGAINST THE LAW. is that taught in
Driver's Ed? Is there a sign that says........"Hey you every day citizen, Don't even think about using this road!!!! You cannot EVER use this road or you could get a Misdemeanor Citation."
How ridiculous!!! Good luck in court. We will all want an update.