Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was talked with some friends last night and somehow the topic turned to metabolism. It was very interesting because all of these "middle aged" men mentioned that they noticed when their metabolism started to slow. I'm glad that other people experience the same thing because I am definitely feeling the symptoms of a slowing metabolism.

I have always been thin. As Mr. Monk would say, "its a gift, and a curse". A gift when I played sports and a curse when girls would look at my skinny legs and exclaim, "I wish I had your legs". Yes, that was their comment. BTW, if you ever feel the need to comment on a guy's legs, please do not utter these words. It is a little de-masculating.

I have always concidered eating a need, not a want. I would rather not eat but I have to eat to have energy so I always would eat enough food to keep me going but I never just enjoyed eating. However, I am finding this to change a little as I get older. I am seeing myself eating more at the dinner table and enjoying the food. I have even caught myself putting more on my plate that I can eat. The tastes are so good that I want another helping even though I am completely full.

It reminds me of a trip I made to a restaurant in Boise. I was with a number of friends from my church. We may have been at an all-you-can-eat establishment and we had just finished our meals. All of us were leaning back trying to let the morsels settle. One of my friends exclaimed, "I think I just broke the word of wisdom". I shook my head at the time and thought, yes, you may be right.

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