Sunday, December 14, 2008

Turning 40

I don't have much to say about turning 40. At this time in my life I really don't feel like I am having my "mid life crisis". I think I had the crisis a few years ago when, out of the blue, I stopped into McDonalds and bought myself a Big Mac. I know it was a crazy time but I did it, and I'm not all that proud of it. I have dropped back down into reality and have ordered the two single hamburger meal since the breakdown.

I decided to just list some stuff that I thought were evidence that I was actually 40 since I still look like I'm 15.

Signs that I am 40 years old.

1. I found a hair on my shoulder that was about 40 inches long. That's an inch for every year for those mathematicians reading my blog.

2. If I grow out my beard, (which I used to do to form a goatee) you would notice that I have gray hair.

3. Jumping on the trampoline is not fun any more. It really hurts. It's like I can feel all of my internal organs sloshing around inside and they really don't like sloshing around.

4. My waist line has expanded to 34 inches. I am no longer size 32X32. Even my 34's are starting to feel tight.

5. My hair line is starting to resemble that of Bruce Willis.

6. I don't mind driving the speed limit on the Highway.

7. I listen to talk radio and actually understand the subjects they are talking about.

Signs that I am not 40 yet.

1. I still have good vision.

2. I still like speeding in town.

3. I still have a goofy streak that shows itself every time I do the "Quick Draw McGraw" skit.

4. I still get "carded" when filling up with gas at the local Chevron Station. "Are you old enough to be filling up with gas?" (I then flash my license at the attendant)

5. I have all of my teeth? Well, minus 2 and a half. BUT, I haven't replace them all, yet.

6. I still spin cookies in the church parking lot. Just ask my terrified kids.


Melinda said...

I hate jumping on the tramp too now. And I can't swing too high or my stomach gets butterflies. I can't ride on spinny rides. We went on the ferris wheel at the Twin fair..........yep, my knees were weak when i got off.
Welcome to the 40's little brother!!!

Marni said...

You can talk all you want, I still don't believe it.

Susan said...

Happy 40th BD!! I think you have a ton on blessings in that list. I won't mind looking 15 when I was 40.The thing I hate most about growing old is that the fun is going out of life. It seems that everything is so important and serious. I wish I could laugh again...really laugh. You still have a great sence of fun and laughter. That will keep you young!!

analee hirschi said...

i cant believe your 40.. that means i am a decade behind you. agh! BTW i am pretty sure that momcame up with the word shlosh... happy birthday....i love you and miss being in twin with your family