Sunday, December 21, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party

As I relaxed on Saturday, after running some errands and going shopping, by brain began to think about the events of the day. My birthday was on Friday and we didn't do much but open a few presents. As my brain started to sift through the happenings, I began to wonder if maybe my wife had planned some kind of party for me later on that evening. We had arranged to have dinner with some friends down at a local restaurant at 7:00pm but for some reason my thoughts were starting to draw some connections that may or may not be reality. There were several events that transpired that on a normal day I wouldn't have thought twice about, but, because they were all happening within a short period of time gave me pause. Either there was a party being planned for me or I was just being paranoid. I really hadn't thought of a surprise party all week so I wasn't sure if I was delusional or what. It is hard for me to describe how I felt because there were a bunch of events that came together very nicely, too nicely I thought.

Anyway, somehow Deanna had managed to make me feel like it was my idea to go over to my parents to practice a song that I was to sing for church. On the way over I was thinking in my head that either there will be a group of people in the house or I was just crazy. I was even thinking of telling her about all these connections I made in my brain while we were eating dinner. But, as I walked into the living room of my parents house I was greeted by a rousing chorus of "SURPRISE". Instead of surprise, I felt relief that I was not going crazy and that my suspicions were correct.

We had a wonderful time visiting with all of the families and friends that were able to visit. We ate snacks and punch and talked all evening.

I must say, my wife was very convincing. She did a wonderful job of keeping this party a secret, inviting the guests and arranging the scheme of how to get me to the house.

Thank you Deanna for a wonderful 40th Birthday Party.

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Melinda said...

what? no pictures? I"m so glad the beans didn't get spilt and you were, for the most part, surprised.

You are a great guy, Clint. I've been so impressed with the serious way you take your job as dad, provider, and church leader. My kids love to play with your family because you and deanna have raised good, happy, fun kids. That's a real tribute to a good man.
Sure love ya!