Sunday, January 14, 2007


We have finally worked our way forward with 4 of our Crew members. This month 3 of our Crew will finish their papers for the Eagle Scout Award. One received his last year. The other 3 needed some encouragement. So, we are excited to have an Eagle Court of Honor for 4 of our Crew next month. I am hoping to have Huge Extravaganza for these Venturers. We want to make a big deal out of this event so that the other scouts at the other levels of scouting will be excited to get their eagle awards.

We do have a couple of Varsity Team members that really don't want to have anything to do with Scouting, so we have to make is so cool that they will want to work hard to get it done. Otherwise, we will have a very hard 3 years coming. :-(

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Anonymous said...

WEll, good luck coming up with the Extravaganza. It's hard to do and give something special with such a low budget.

I have no doubt you will find something that will inspire the rest of the scouts to get their Eagle.