Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm Famous?

I received a call from my Mother in Law last week that I was famous because I was in their local newspaper. She told me that "The Southern Idaho Press" (SIP) had written a story about me.

I could only think of one thing. It can't be good!

My Mother in Law brought over the newspaper clipping a couple of days ago so I had to post it to my blog for all to see.

If you look through the rest of the report, there were 3 other poor souls that decided to plead guilty to the misdemeanor change and pay the fine. So, the guy in front of me and they guy behind me weren't so lucky.

I might also tell you that I received a bill in the mail from the lawyer friend of mine. He spent 2.75 hours on my case. At $170 per hour I was really swallowing hard and didn't want to look at the bottom of the page for the total bill. The total said, $0. What I super nice guy!


Melinda said...

Does the Cassia county have nothing better to do than write reports like that? So funny.

Your lawyer friend was very generous. Take him to dinner.

Rachael said...

What a great friend. That is so funny they would put that in their paper. I agree, they must have nothing to do. I would write in and tell the whole story so no one turns around on the emergency turn arounds. Even in an emergency! Jeff and I were both on on the local TV news this last week. Not a happy occasion either. A boy in our ward drowned in the ocean trying to save an 11 year old stranger. It has been a hard week.