Sunday, October 04, 2009

Snow, October 4th?

Yes, Snow, October 4th. We weren't expecting snow, we were expecting rain but this morning there was a small blanket of snow all over our yard. Being this early in the year, I figured that it would probably melt away by noon, however, it continued to snow/rain all day long. It snowed enough to get out the winter clothes and have the kids run out and play.

Here is a short video of the event.


analee hirschi said...

I can't believe that on Oct 3. Didn't school just start that is a lot of snow. I have been curious about your garden and the frost you predicted last week... well guess you got your freeze

Melinda said...

the whole snow thing is just crazy!!!

And sorry about your tramp. Maybe a tramp for Christmas is a good idea.

Susan said...

No, No, NO!! Not snow so soon!!! I just couldn't believe you got so much. BUT...the bright side is that it creates water for the soil. I am cold just watching the snow fight! Come on Katie and Savanna...You've got to get your snow fort built!

Susan said...

Oops...I wanted to comment about your trampoline. Isn't there some company that has the parts that you could fix that? I know it was such a fun part of your backyard experiences.
I hated to see your garden freeze. It was beautiful! We tried putting tarps and sheets over our plants but...wo is me...they still froze. We did pick all the tomatoes and they are ripening in the kitchen.