Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

Some of you may know that we have been trying to remodel our upstairs bathroom. You may also know that I do not have a construction bone in my body. I can build a website faster than I can build a box. So, we are in the final stages of having the bathroom completely finished so I thought I would show everyone how it looks.

Originally, we just wanted to tear up the linoleum and put in tile. That process required us to rip out the toilet and the sink. Since the sink was out, we might as well replace the cabinet. With a new cabinet, we had to get a new sink. With the new sink and cabinet, we would have to paint around the spots that were different from the old cabinet. So, we decided just to paint the whole bathroom. We also found out that the water pipes did not match up with the new cabinet so we had to re-pipe the cold water faucet so that it would not run into the drawers in the new cabinet. Once the new cabinet and sink are in place, the mirror no longer fits above the sink so we need a new vanity mirror. After looking at vanity mirrors, we noticed that it would not match up with the overhead lighting so we will need to install new lights above the mirror vanity. When we put in the new mirror vanity, the current side mirror will no longer open so we will need to take it out, which is embedded in the wall so I will have to put sheet rock over the whole from the old side vanity mirror. Then, after all of that is done, we want to put in a fan which could, in itself, start a whole new batch of issues.

Now I remember why I hate construction projects. The only bonus out of this whole project, (other than having a nice new bathroom) is that I have finally started my own bucket of pipe fittings. My Dad will be proud!


analee hirschi said...

what, no new toilet? that is hilarious. SOunds so familiar. YOu think you will be doing so well by doing it yourself, but then you have to buy all of the tools that go with it. I can't wait to see the final project. well done on the pipe fittings

Melinda said...

Isn't that the way things always go. One fix leads to another problem. It should look great after so many fixes.
Good luck.
It looks nice.

Tiffany said...

Oh we have had those projects too where you think just one thing will be changed but it dominoes to so much more! It is looking great and yes I'm sure dad is proud of your very own bucket!

Susan said...

Well, 2 great things happened in my life this past week. My unmarried son gets engaged. Yeah!

The other is my oldest son finally steps into the real world and gets himself a bucket of pipe fittings.
Double yeah!