Friday, July 30, 2010

Scout Camp 2010

Yes, it is time again for Scout Camp. It seems like we were up there just a few weeks ago but if you look at the calendar very carefully, you will be able to see that 365 days have passed.

To help Andy get excited about Scout Camp, I promised him that we would make a movie while I was up there. Once I was up there, I kind of lost some of my enthusiasm because I was so tired after serving dinner to 120 scouts. I asked Andy if he still wanted to do it and he still was willing to try it. So, Andy grabbed one of his friends and came with me as I put together this little "commercial".

If you are not familiar with the "Old Spice" commercials on TV and on the Internet, you may not "get" the funniness of the video we made. BYU also made a hilarious commercial as a Spoof off of the Old Spice video that can be viewed at this link.


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analee hirschi said...

again, mommy, that is what eliza is saying. that is really great andy.. so funny and pretty smooth

Marni said...

Awesome. And how did you make that with no one around???

Brings back lots of fond memories. Good ol' Camp Bradley.

Marni said...

I just watched this again after watching the bloopers video, and seriously (you're not going to believe this) the song whistled at the beginning and end FINALLY hit me.

Go Ravens, even if one of us is R-E-A-L-L-Y slow.