Sunday, August 29, 2010


I received a comment on one of my videos from a website that had bible names. I decided to track down my name to see what it meant and how awesome or dorky I really was (which I am almost certain is completely dependent on the name given to me at birth).

By traveling around the internet and making several loops around the globe using nothing but fiber optic cables, I was able to confirm my name's meaning.

Drum roll please!!!! Ratatatattatararararatatatarraratatatat!

My name means: settlement on the summit
My name means: fenced settlement
My name means: Settlement on the river Glyme

So, with this in-depth research and not one step outside my door, it has been determined that my name is pretty close to meaning "A fenced settlement on the summit on a river". I'm not sure how you can be on a summit and be on a river at the same time but who's to argue with the name-meaning people.


Melinda said...

you crack me up

from Melinda
meaning "sweet"

analee hirschi said...

LOL your hilarious

Susan said...

Well if you ask me, I think that it is totally right on base. Do you not live at the very summit of a gorge carring a river??? So I think you are appropriately named. Although, when we named you we thought it was a very masculine, tough sounding name. One that would scare all the other little boys and girls.