Monday, January 24, 2011

Epic Fail

Recently I have begun to notice that the younger generation (my kids) have begun to use a word in a different way. My kids now use the word "Fail" as a noun. Maybe it is due to the website called or maybe because of this YouTube Channel, I don't know. This is how the word is now used around our house, "That is a fail!". Yes, it is very strange to me too. Usually fail is used as a verb in a sentence instead of a noun so it just doesn't sound right. However, over the last few months I have become accustomed to this misuse of the verb and have even come up with a few "fail" nouns myself.

The most recent occasion to use this new found noun was when I was headed to the grocery store with my 3 kids. Andy and I had just been to Great Clips where we had our hair cut. Our journey took us over to the west side of town to an establishment known as Walmart. As we were rambling around the parking lot looking for the most epic parking spot ever, Andy remarked with much enthusiasm, "Thats a fail!". I didn't notice what he was talking about because I was completely focused on parking positions. So, when we got out of the car I asked him what he was talking about. He said that as we entered the parking lot, he noticed on the ground that it said "YIEED". Humm, what in the world is a Yieed? Well, you can look for yourself. This is what the youngsters of today would call an "EPIC FAIL!"

This is an actual photograph from my camera phone at Walmart in Twin Falls Idaho.

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Melinda said...

BIG HUGE WOOPS. or is it whoops? :) I guess even street sign painters need to pass English.

My boys haven't used "FAIL". I listen more closely.