Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Pumpkin Run

This fall Deanna and Katie signed up for an event over at CSI called "The Great Pumpking Race".   All of the participants received a cool orange shirt made of that under armor material.  So, Katie ran the .5 mile race and Deanna walked the 5k walk.  Katie decided to do the 5k walk with Deanna but got a little anxious and started running.  So, she would run ahead, then turn around and run back to Deanna, then run ahead and back.  In any case, they both got a lot of exercise.  I was there with my flip video to document the whole thing.

Below is a link for my facebook friends.

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Melinda said...

Thats a fun activity. What's wrong with your legs? Or are you just in charge of the documentation video.