Monday, April 16, 2012

Coby at Jive Night

Coby's final Jive performance was last weekend.  We are very proud of how hard he worked and how well he performed.  Coby was the star of two numbers so I took a video of each one to share with everyone.  The first one is called Kryptonite which he performed as a solo with a cameo by one of his friends to help fill the stage.  He did a great job each time he performed.

The second number that Jive performed was Hawaii Five O.  If you listen very carefully, you can hear someone beatboxing in the background.  That was Coby.  There is no background music, no background drums, it is all Coby keeping everyone together and doing the percussion for this performance.

Great Job Coby!!!!

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Melinda said...

Both were totally awesome. Coby has a very nice voice and then the!!!!