Sunday, July 15, 2012


When I was younger, quite a bit younger, our parents would leave all of us kids at home to go to a wedding reception. Although we were not happy that we were left at home and didn't get to see the cool stuff that went on at wedding receptions, we did have one reason to be excited. Usually our parents would leave the house stating that they would bring us home something special. We all new what that ment too. It ment that Mom and Dad would bring us home some mints. Sure enough, if we were still awake, Mom or Dad would pull out a small napkin filled with little green and pink mints. Sometimes even some nuts. Well, it was my turn to carry on the tradition. When we were at a reception for Brian Stevensen tonight, I decided to gather a small pile so mints onto a small plate to bring home for the kids.

Below is my small stash of reception mints I brought home for the kids.


Melinda said...

those look yummy. I havne't seen those at receptions for a long time.

Susan said...

It is funny what you remember. But I just wanted you to think I was a cool Mom.