Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015

This year has been crazy, fun, exciting, busy, relaxing and stressful.  

To start out, we had a graduating senior, a return missionary, 2 college students, Jive performances, volleyball matches, State Tennis Tournament, a trip to Disneyland, a service project in Mexico and, wait for it, wait for it….. A trip to Hawaii!!!

Andy had a very eventful year this year.  He practiced tennis almost all of last year with his doubles partner with the goal of going to state and with the possibility of winning state.  After going undefeated in district play, he and his partner were ranked #2 in the State Tournament.  We were all on pins and needles during each match of the Tournament and watched all of the other teams to see how good they were.  After the first round, we could tell that it was going to be close but that Andy and Matt had a really good chance of winning.  After several more matches, they reached the finals and played a doubles team from Caldwell.  In two short sets, Andy and Matt became the Champions in 4A Men's Doubles Tennis!!  Andy had a busy year performing in Jive and preparing for Graduation.  He walked across the stage and received his diploma while we held up a huge banner stating, “#AndyDidIt”.  Andy also was accepted into BYUI and has been attending the fall semester.  Andy received his mission call just a couple of weeks ago. He was called to serve in the Nebraska, Omaha Mission.  He reports to the MTC January 20th.  We are very excited for him and we have heard wonderful things about his mission already.

Our long lost son has returned from his LDS Mission in Tijuana Mexico.  Deanna and Clint went down to Mexico to pick him up and get to know his areas and some of the people he worked with while serving. We had an AWESOME time with Coby while we traveled around Tijuana, Ensenada and Primo Tapia.  It was so great to see all of the people he served and taught.  It was cool to see the places he lived in and the companions he had.  Once Coby returned home, he worked as hard as he could to earn enough money for college.  He, like his brother, attended the fall semester at BYU Idaho.  In fact, they were roommates.  I think they have both enjoyed being together over these last few months.  

Savanna has entered her Junior year in High School.  She is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and is planning for what happens next in life.  She has taken on several things this year which is normal for a Junior.  She made the performance choir, Jive, again.  She is also the Key Club President and she has started a new job working as a file clerk in the judicial building of the county clerk’s office.  She is enjoying the fact that she has money and can spend it any way she wants.  She is planning on playing Tennis again this year with the hopes of playing on the varsity team.  Last year she played in the Capital Invitational Tennis Tournament in Boise and took 4th place in Girls 3rd Singles.

Katie played volleyball this last year and has done very well.  She is probably one of the top five players in her 8th grade class.  They split her team into two different teams so when she gets to High School, I think she will shine.  Katie is in 8th grade this year and is looking forward to going to High School next fall.  She has grown up quite a bit this year and is measuring every day to see if she is taller than her Dad.  I’m going to have to start sporting some elevator shoes just to keep my pride and height in tact.

Clint has been working with Integrated Technologies this year and has done very well.  However he will be starting a new job at a new company in January called PMT (Project Mutual Telephone).  He will still be in technical sales but will have new responsibilities and new products to sell.  PMT is a much larger company with better benefits and better support.  He is excited for this new adventure but sad to leave some of his friends at Integrated Technologies.  Clint has been very involved with the lives of his kids and enjoyed all of the trips and activities with everyone this last year..

Deanna has been busy keeping everyone together, everyone busy and keeping all of the schedules synchronized.  Deanna is still working at Sawtooth Elementary as a Kindergarten teacher.  She loves her job and enjoys the little 5 year old students.  Deanna is very active in the School District and serves on many committees.  This last year she won a grant to bring ipad mini’s into her classroom.  They have been a huge success and the kids love it.

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Clint, Deanna, Coby, Andy, Savanna and Katie

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